The Ushers Team

Welcome to the devoted Ushers Team at For His Glory, Church Ministries, Inc.! Our mission is to bring all things in decency and in order in Adonai's kingdom, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment for all.

As ushers, our responsibilities encompass greeting everyone with a warm smile and guiding members and guests to their seats. We kindly distribute tithes and offerings envelopes, along with providing tissues and water as needed. Visitors can count on us to answer any questions they may have and readily assist anyone in the congregation who requires help.

Throughout praise and worship and while the word of God is shared, we work diligently to minimize distractions, ensuring a focused and reverent atmosphere. Additionally, we take the responsibility of ensuring everyone's safety during and after the service, addressing any safety concerns that may arise with utmost care and attention.

After the services, we offer prayers to those in need, standing by to assist with heartfelt support.

In alignment with the word of God, as stated in 1 Corinthians 14:40 KJV, we diligently maintain the sanctuary's cleanliness, emptying trash cans, and ensuring tidy bathrooms.

Join us in upholding the values of order, reverence, and safety within His Kingdom. Together, we contribute to a spiritually enriching experience for all who gather here.