Minister Tanequa Johnson - A Woman of Faith and Artistic Vision

Minister Tanequa Johnson's journey began in New York, where she was born and raised by her Jamaican immigrant grandparents. In July 2010, she made her way to Connecticut and soon after, found her spiritual home within the ministry.

Driven by her thirst for knowledge and spiritual growth, Minister Tanequa pursued her education at North Carolina Bible Institute-New England, where she graduated with a Graduate Degree in Theology.

Beyond her dedication to ministry, Minister Tanequa embraces significant roles in her personal life. She is a devoted wife and mother, soon to be a grandmother, and serves as a teacher at Affordable Learning Center on Barbour Street in Hartford.

In her ministry involvement, Minister Tanequa's talents shine as she passionately serves as a Worship Leader, a member of the Evangelistic Team, and a valued contributor to the Media Team.

With a heart for the Arts, Minister Tanequa has a strong passion for acting, singing, and writing. She is presently pursuing a business venture that uplifts and supports talented individuals in the Arts. Her initiative, "Your Gift for His Glory Alone," aims to promote those gifted in writing, acting, singing, dancing, and other creative expressions within the body of Christ.

Join us in celebrating Minister Tanequa Johnson, a woman of faith and artistic vision, as she continues to impact lives through her ministry and support of the Arts. Together, we honor God by utilizing our gifts and talents to bring glory to His name, as we serve Him with passion and devotion.