About us - Fundraiser Committee 

Welcome to the dynamic world of the Fundraiser Committee at For His Glory Church Ministries, Inc. Our committee is dedicated to making a positive impact through innovative fundraising initiatives that support our church's vision and mission.

Driven by a passion for serving our community and advancing God's work, our committee works tirelessly to plan and execute a variety of fundraising events and campaigns. These efforts not only provide essential financial support for the church's projects and ministries but also create opportunities for fellowship, engagement, and shared purpose among our members.

From organizing charity auctions, bake sales, and donation drives to exploring creative online fundraising platforms, our committee members collaboratively brainstorm, strategize, and bring to life innovative ideas that resonate with our church community and beyond.

We understand that unity and collaboration are essential for our success. That's why we warmly invite all interested individuals with a heart for fundraising, event planning, and community engagement to join us. Whether you have experience in fundraising or are simply passionate about making a difference, your unique insights and skills are invaluable assets to our team.

Together, we strive to amplify the impact of our church's ministries, enabling us to support causes close to our hearts and contribute to the greater good. Join us in this exciting journey of philanthropy, fellowship, and transformation as we work together to achieve our goals and make a lasting difference in the lives of many.

Committee Chaur - Minister Sandra Housey