Dr. Michele Williams currently serves as an ordained Evangelist under the leadership of Apostle Dr. Suzette M. Myles at For His Glory Church Ministries in Hartford, Connecticut. She embraced her faith in 1985 and was baptized, along with her son Michael, at Little Zion Church of Christ in South Norwalk. In 2005, she was ordained as an Evangelist at Elohim Christian Center.

Dr. Williams is a dedicated educator and serves as a professor at North Carolina Bible Institute-New England. Her academic journey includes two years at Mattatuck Community College and the completion of her Associate degree in Science from South Central, now known as Gateway Community College, in 1983. She furthered her studies and obtained her Master's degree in Biblical Studies from Elohim Christian Center in 2012, followed by her Doctorate in Biblical Studies from NCBI-New England in 2017.

Throughout her professional life, Dr. Williams worked diligently in the State of Connecticut, serving as a School Instructor for over twenty-four years before retiring. Her dedication to education and her commitment to God's ministry exemplify her virtuous character.

Currently residing in East Hartford, Connecticut, with her daughter and granddaughter, Dr. Williams is an author, sharing her life experiences in her book. Her profound love, unwavering commitment, and compassionate nature towards others stem from her profound belief in Jesus Christ, knowing that He is capable of all things. Having triumphed over adversities such as drugs, alcohol, low self-esteem, rejection, abandonment, depression, and PTSD, she continues to walk in integrity as a devoted servant of God.

Dr. Williams' life is a testament to the transformative power of faith and God's unwavering love. Her journey inspires many as she embraces her calling to serve others with a heart filled with passion and grace.