Lori Perry is an Entrepreneur, Certified Life Coach. Motivational Speaker, Ordained Elder, Author, and Writer. She is the 7th of 8 children born to Edgar and Leora Perry, a mother of 5 children who she successfully raised in a drug infested project environment, she has 23 grandchildren and 1 great-grand child.

          Lori is passionate about empowering the community. She served as a commissioner of Governor Rolland Blue Ribbon Welfare Reform in 1995 and in 1997 she assisted Thelma Ellis Dickerson/Founder of Jumoke Academy in starting one of the first Chartered School in the North end of Hartford, CT.

          Lori is the author of two books: "Restart" and "Restarting The Family". She is the host/producer of a weekly podcast called "The Shoe Shop". Lori has three businesses: "Glorious Care LLC", "Restart My Life Coaching Service LLC", and

"Lori's Kitchen, LLC.

          As an ordained Elder and Evangelist Lori is committed to God and enjoys doing outreach ministry. She has been a pillar in her current church: " For His Glory Church Ministries, Inc." under the leadership of Pastor Suzette Myles for 21 years serving in many capacities. She is the visionary of "God's Glorious Gathering" an endeavor to bring together people from around the world for a day of Prayer, Praise, and Worship.

          Lori continues to be a beacon of light to others by being transparent, sharing her experiences, and testimonies of survival. She is genuine and is an asset to her family, church, business, and community.